Marviene W. Fulton

Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Marviene Fulton Psychology Adjunct Professor UNC Charlotte

Working Toward a Brighter Future

Marviene Waynell Fulton is a psychology adjunct professor at the University of North Carolina, at Charlotte.

She is currently teaching Introduction to Comparative Psychology and Critical Thinking about Research, Fall 2023. 

Professor Fulton's area of graduate study was concentrated in cognition and topic of intense investigation was empathy: biological, social, ethical, place (or not!) in therapy, intergroup conflict, ingroup cohesiveness, political group differences, empathy's use (or not!) during moral decision making and more.

Her two-year research project was, "Moral Judgments on Health Motivated Transgressions: The Interplay of Moral Foundations, Empathy, and Political Identity."