Local Case Study

local seo case study
July local company google analytic screen shot

Company:  Local Company


Start Date:  I was hired in May.

May's Stats:

  • 49% of their traffic was in California, at all.  Most of which was still out of their service area. All other traffic was useless, as they are a HYPER local company that serves only a small portion of California.
  • Visitors looked at 1.9 pages.
  • Average site visit was 59 seconds long.
  • 72% of visitors left the site after viewing only 1 page.

By July:

  • 69% of their traffic was in the Right part of California, a 20% increase.
  • Pages per visitor increased 20.37%
  • Average site visit is 1:43.  This is a 73.58% increase.
  • Only 55.66% of visitors left the site after viewing only 1 page.  This is 22.77% lower.

Yes, the traffic decreased significantly, but that's because all the useless traffic was cut. Once it was gone then All the other stats that search engines track was increased: time on page, pages per visits, etc. So cut the fat and see your website reach tangible success!

(I always remove the owner and myself from being tracked on analtyics. Our numbers are not a part of the reports.)

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