How Wix Templates Train your WordPress Clients

Stop Being such an A$$hole about Wix. Yeah, I hate it, but here's how it fits into YOU getting WordPress Clients.

Let me set the record straight right away: I hate wix. I hate all those sites that tell you that you'll have a website "up in hours". Squarespace and their brethren offer very limited choices and they bundle your hosting with the website to boot, making moving away from them harder than it should be. The colors are limited, everything is limited. SEO is horrible. Man, I really hate them. 


wix makes me gag but it is good here is why


The client will have a website up in hours. ... And this helps Professional Designers and SEO Companies later... For years I have fought them and fought them. As soon as a client told me that's what they had my disdain wasn't exactly totally hidden behind a professional polite mask. I'd launch into a speech that probably came off more like a lecture that obviously wasn't needed since the business owner was already at my doorstep. WordPress, WordPress, WordPress ... I'd preach it!

Today however, I realized something. I have an unfair advantage. My job for decades, even before building and writing for websites, has been learning new things. I learned new technologies and taught them to trouble-shooting centers. I learned new systems and came up with ways to make them better, wrote how-to documents on it... and taught them to trouble-shooting centers. At one point I even point by point broke down how to make the microchip used in a major game console for a company called CoorsTek. 

You web designers and SEO Professionals have an unfair advantage, too. You have familiarity. You have experience. 

Most people really don't like to learn new things. That isn't fair, I'm sorry. It is scary to be required to learn new things. For most people it is a test of intelligence, seemingly, and a chance to fail, to be seen as less. It is stressful. Let's be honest. The amount to learn is massive and the time to learn it, before the site is launched, is short.

WordPress, with the right Template, is a Ferrari. It is a beautiful engine. WordPress tricked out with great Plugins is a jet, with a thousand buttons that do so much. It can be ... and is intimidating. 

This is where the (hated) Wix comes in. The over-busy, over-taxed and often overwhelmed business owner builds a website and (no matter how ugly it actually is) feel really accomplished at the beautiful new site they created. 

The experience that the business owner gets at picking at colors, finding pictures, deciding page layouts and finally realizing that the job they did isn't good enough is priceless. It is the kindergarten I'd send all my clients through now. Actually it is perfect. A client that knows they don't know enough is great. What's painful are the ones that that "know" they "know so much" and have it all wrong but won't listen to polite corrections. 

We professionals need to stop being such snobs. Next time your client tells you that they had a Wix template before, praise them for jumping in and tell them it will help in learning a more complex CMS like WordPress and move forward with blowing their minds!

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