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gears and cogs

gears and cogs

Everyone who is concerned about getting ranked well can use a SEO resource list of relevant articles.

When I first started out I read everything.  Don't.  It's a waste of time and it is confusing.  If the article is several years old you can't trust what it's telling you. SEO changes as the search engines change.  What worked yesterday may get your rank taken down a notch today.  Even if the article or service is current be wary of anyone trying to sell you anything that is 'too good to be true'.  No honest service can promise you #1 rank. No legitimate company is going to sell you backlinks.  It's seriously against Google policy to sell or trade backlinks.

Many SEO companies are not with today's program.  Demand a full account of the services they provide.  Do not trust a SEO company that won't teach you what they are doing.

Notice anything about my SEO resource list for beginners?  Yes, they are all from Google.  If you really want to know what Google wants, then go to Google directly. Over time, once you become articulate in SEO jargon and concepts you will come to trust certain sources like Bill Slawski's amazing seo articles and Search Engine Land.  I do agree, it's a full time job to stay on top of this stuff.  It's my full time job and when you want help, I'll be here.  Until then, start with these SEO Articles:

SEO Resource List great for absolute beginners:

  • How Search Works - a great infinite scroll animated info-graphic by Google.  This introduces you to basic SEO terms like crawl, index, algorithm.  It also briefly describes several important points in ranking like content quality and freshness!
  • Using Webmaster Tools - an amazing Video by Google.  Teaches you to track what search queries pull you up and how often you get the click.  This ratio of being pulled up and getting the click is called Click Through Rate or CTR.
  • Google's SEO Guide.  Get it from the Panda's mouth.  (eh-hemmm.. that was a SEO joke folks) Use WordPress?  Get the SEO WordPress plugin by Yoast and realize and USE BOTH of the tabs! (but leave the outbound link suggestion as yellow)

Intermediate SEO Resource List of Articles:

  • Recognizing Bad Backlinks - I think my mantra is "Don't Link Build".  I mean it.  If someone has done this for you, here's how to recognize if it's helping or hurting.
  • Page Load Time - Yes, it seriously matters for rankings and for getting sales! is a great WordPress plugin that helps, so does WP Super Cache + WP HTML Minifier.

Advanced SEO Articles:

  • Using Google Analytics - Advanced level Slideshow- Really digs into all the amazing things you can get out of Google Analytics if you set it up properly.
  • Using Data Highligher Google Tool - Marking up your text with rich snippets gets you those really cool search engine results that tell you all that extra data - like concert schedules, venues, prices.  So many data types can be marked up.

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