SEO Terms You need to Know

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Common SEO Terms and Their Definitions Here!


Understand basic SEO Terms first before diving in.

SEO is full of industry created jargon. It is intimidating and overwhelming to be presented with sentences full of SEO terms you don’t know. If you are diy (do it yourself) then these terms come up slowly as you realize what to search for and learn about. I have provided here a ‘living’ list of the most common terms you really should know when you begin your SEO quest. I’ve tried to keep the list manageable and basic.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Keyword / Keywords / Keyword Phrase

  • Keywords for SEO are those that are put into a search engine to find a page. Those keywords need to be on the page when you building it. I have a detailed explanation of keywords.

Keyword Stuffing

  • This is over-using your keyword phrase. It is considered “Black Hat”.

Black Hat / White Hat

  • There are bad tactics to get your rankings higher. These are black hat and if/when caught you get punished. Page rank gained this way does not last. White Hat is SEO using only approved of techniques. These build lasting page rank.

SERP – Search Engine Return Page

  • After a Keyword Phrase is put into the search engine’s query box it pulls up the results. This is the SERP.

SMO – Social Media Optimization

  • SMO is using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to publicize your site and drive traffic. Your SMO needs to fit into your SEO strategy. Remember: the big search engines own the big social media networks! For instance, your G+ (Google Plus) +1s count toward your site’s rank for Google.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

  • Using Ads on the search engine return pages is SEM.

PCC – Pay Per Click

  • Your fees for ads on the search engines are decided by how many clicks they get. Use Google Adwords for Google and BingAds for Yahoo, MSN, and Bing advertisements.

CTR – Click Through Rate

  • After you are presented on the search engines as an option the next step is to get people to click your link. The CTR is the ratio of how often you are presented to how often you are chosen. The CTR answers the question ” how often does the user click through to bring up your site?”.


If you would like to see more SEO Terms, send me an email. If there are particular acronyms that are confusing I’d love to help.

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