Social Media for Small Business Explained

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Social Media and Social Networking for Businesses

Why you should care about being Social - from day 1 of your new site

Sends a signal of trust to search engines AND users.

Is an allowed place to build your own backlinks, and could get you more backlinks from shares.

Can, when done correctly, be a place generating sales.

As an SEO professional speaking to many website owners I get asked “what is the point of social media for small business?” A lot is my answer but I do get it. It is a very good question. After all, if you are new, have a new site, are super busy and don’t have any followers WHY do it?

First, let me say that you must let go of what you think social media does. The main purpose is not really to drive new visitors. Ha! Now you are wondering even MORE why in the heck waste time on it. Stay with me. It is important.

Like everything with Good Solid Sustainable SEO there is a philosophy it supports. Social Media for small business helps several important key concepts of SEO.

It helps you do the following.

  • Become trusted by the search engines and by people to be available.
  • It can get you backlinks that count toward your rankings.
  • Can eventually get you exposed to people who did not know about you or search for your services.
  • Social Media for small business helps keep past customers engaged and loyal.
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Establishing Trustworthiness.

Even if you feel like a fool talking to an empty room – Do It. It takes time to convince the search engines and internet users that you are going to be around. They want to know you are real, available, and trustworthy

For Search Engines:

PageRank (capital P and capital R – developed by a guy whose last name is Page) is ALL about backlinks. Backlinks are off-site links pointing to a site. PageRank is a number from N/A to 10. The other pagerank, in all lowercase, is where you fall in the search results for a query, such as #20 on page 2. PageRank has been a Huge part of pagerank, but that is changing. Your page’s rank will continually become more and more about how authoritative you are.

Regular social network participation counts toward your personal ranking as an author. Bing calls it “Klout” and G+ gives code to use. Authoritative status is dependent on being a trusted author. Every post gets you credit if you do the following three things.

  • Stick to your website’s topic on and off-site.
  • Write new quality blogs on your site and post to your social network regularly.
  • Have a verified G+ author account properly set-up NOW.
For People:

Social Media for small business gives consumers a way to voice their opinion on a page that is company owned. It is the website owner saying, “I trust my product therefore I offer a place for you to voice your opinion to the public.” Start posting now so possible customers, visitors, and potential fans will not be looking at a page that is pitifully blank.

Sometimes Gets You Backlinks.

Backlinks (that do not have the nofollow html code) help boost your rankings. Both Google and Bing want all backlinks to be from people that have nothing to do with your site. They are not to be bought or solicited. BUT sometimes the links you put on your own social network count! You can tell this from the Google Webmaster link report. It’s awesome. Social media for small business is the only way at first to get any backlinks!

It is the only link building from you that is allowed.

Every time a search engine offers you to a searcher that is called an “impression”. Getting a higher rank will mean you will get more impressions. Your potential audience grows. Backlinks won’t always count heavily in determining your pagerank but few people think they will ever stop being a part of it entirely.

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So You Finally Got Some Followers!

Now it’s ON you think! Yay, LOTS more traffic from social media! No. Sorry. People who like you already know you. Making them a repeat customer is a goal, don’t get me wrong but if that is the main goal then you are not tapping into the deeper wealth. You want people to SHARE your posts. To do that you need Good Content that is share-worthy. It isn’t going to happen any other way.

A re-share on Google +, a re-post on Facebook, and a re-Tweet on Twitter are gold. Every time you can get a follower to share your posts (that have links back to your site) then it helps 2 things.

1. It can get you in front of people who did not know about you and did not search for you. These are the friends of the customer/fan that re-shared your post.

2. Re-shares sometimes get counted as good backlinks. Backlinks help your PageRank – which helps your pagerank. This gets you offered more on the search engines and it gets you higher rank in the results.

A closing note on social media for small business:

Developing a relationship with the people that already love you is important. You want to stay in their mind and be on the tip of their tongue when talking to friends. You don’t want them to get converted to your competitor.

Keeping your contact fresh and being available and engaging endears you to your client and helps keep them loyal. We all know it is much easier to keep a client than get a new one.

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