What are Keywords?



What are Keywords? They are the center of everything. Keywords are the exact phrase that users will put into the search engine to find a page on a site. This is the same specific phrase you must build throughout your page.

Before writing your content decide the ONE thing that page is going to be about. Make it unique and original. Next, you find a specific phrase that people will use on the search engines to reach your content. Use Google Adwords to pick a keyword phrase that gets traffic. Use it in your sentences naturally. If it sounds awkward people aren’t going to stay on your page.

Watch a detailed Video on how to use tools to find keywords.

Stuffing keywords where they aren’t needed is an offense to the search engines. You can be unlisted. It’s a long hard road to get reinstated.Have it on your page too little and the search engines won’t pull you up. Put in the keywords too much and the search engines will punish you for “keyword stuffing”.

Finally, people who reach your content using those keywords must be happy about it! Deliver clear, well-written unique content that fulfills the user’s inquiry.



What are keyword considerations?

What are the keywords purpose?

Are the keywords relevant to the page’s content and goal?

Do those keywords get traffic? (Use Google Adwords! It’s free.)

Do the keywords and the traffic they generate have business value?

Are the visitors using those keywords likely to buy your product?

How much competition do those keywords have?


Keyword Advice

Avoid one word keywords.  Even if you can own them, the traffic they might generate is too generic.

Pick a specific phrase, not a generic short one. An example is “internet marketing for retail.”

Long-tail keyword phrases will bring you more specific traffic that is likely to stay on your site. These long phrases are also much easier to rank on the 1st page of the search engine return pages. An example would be “internet marketing for small business”.

Minimize customers bouncing. Bouncing is when a customer reaches then instantly navigates away from your site. Too many bounces tell the search engines that the keywords used to get to your site are not being ‘served’. You lose rank for those keywords!

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